No churn Oreo ice cream and The Tall Ship Races in Ålesund

no churn oreo ice cream

Living in an island can offer you unusual little treats like seagulls all around and some interesting events I couldn’t see back home in São Paulo, BR, for example.

This July tall ship races Ålesund 2015 mapThe Tall Ship Races 2015 made here one of its stops. It is a sailboats’ race, and this year they came from Belfast in Ireland, stopped here by Ålesund for a 4 days festival in the city, Continue reading


cycling in Norway and checkerboard chocolate and orange cookies

To me, the most immediate advantage of cycling here in Ålesund is the view. You can stop whenever you like and make your day with a landscape that surprises you on the ordinary to the supermarket, like this oneålesund landscape

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10 things you didn’t know about Vikings and cherry bars

In one of our tours around town we came across the last day of the European Fair 2015, where some countries were represented by some of their typical food. There were many Italian and French things, lots of cheese! Those big round whole pieces that are worth a fortune. It wasn’t any cheaper, there. But what most called our attention was a “war” stand, and there I took some pictures with my cell.

There were armors and shields, chain mail, stuffed animals and they all seemed pretty used, old and legit! rs

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