first meal in new home was no dessert: it was tuna stuffed bell pepper!

We moved out! Couldn’t skip this phase after getting married, could we? And although it was under the best imaginary conditions: to the apartment NEXT DOOR, it was a REALLY tiring experience! It can sound stupid to move to the apartment next door, but our home now is A LOT bigger. And speaking of homes, let’s talk about what a “home” is here in Ålesund

These are two houses for sale around, and what a beauty! Walking around is a sight to see. The houses are big. I mean it. Many have this extra outbuilding as a garage or storehouse. Others have also a big yard on the front with playgrounds and trampolines – there are A LOT of trampolines here! The houses limits are hedged, and some aren’t limited. The constructions are wooden and in a very delicate style, with inclined roofs and chimneys. The houses have so many windows! Since the sun is worshiped, let’s get the most of it!

These two cost, respectively, 3.7 and 3.8mi Norwegian Crowns (the currency here), which is equivalent, in simple conversion, to 225 000 USD, give or take. But let’s not compare prices like that. So how?

Purchasing power is how much can a citizen of a country that uses certain currency buy with it in the stated country. The statistical website Numbeo uses New York purchasing power as basis, represented by the value 100. Speaking of Brazil, this index for a São Paulo dweller is 54,85, which means this citizen has power to buy, in Brazil, almost 50% less than a New Yorker does in the USA. The Norwegian purchasing power, on the other hand, is 141,02! If we compare São Paulo and Oslo, for example, Norway’s capital, the Norwegian purchasing power is 180% bigger than the Brazilan.
So think of a house you, Brazilian average worker, can buy. Make its conditions 180% better: this is the house you, under the same conditions, would buy here in Norway.

Walking by I photographed three houses, very near home (what a beautiful day it was!)

I just feel like knocking on the doors and checking everything on the inside too! But of course there are also apartment buildings,which have smaller homes and don’t have this impressive architecture. The buildings have 4 or 5 floors, saving the view of the sky 🙂

It is in one of these modest apartments we live in, but still the view is beautiful! It changed some 5 meters from last week to this, but it is still beautiful! Here is the before and after (now with decoration and a little plant!):


Now we have a proper kitchen with a decent and spacious stand, a huge bathroom and a sofa! And for the open house, after a loooong moving out day, we had tuna stuffed bell peppers! Because it is super fast and easy to prepare, in a put it all together style:


– 2 halved and cleaned bell peppers
– 1 tuna can, dried
– 2 1/2 tbsp tomato sauce
– 1/2 cleaned tomato, diced
– 1/4 cup + 1 tbsp diced cheese
– 2 tbsp chopped olives
– 1 chopped jalapeño pepper
– black pepper
– oregano and sliced cheese to cover

0. Preheat the oven to the highest grill function (or the highest temperature if you do not have a grill function)

1. While you dice all the ingredients, place the halved peppers in the oven, insides facing down, for aprox 5 min, or until the skin starts to wrinkle.

2. As soon as it starts wrinkling, carefully turn them with the insides facing up (watch the heat kept on the inside!) and while you mix all the ingredients together, leave the peppers in the oven for aprox 5 min more, until they lose most of the humidity of the inside.

3. Remove the halves from the oven and fill them equally with the tuna mixture. Return them to the oven, this time at 390F, but don’t put the put the slices of cheese, yet. Bake them to dry the filling a little, for aprox 5 min more.

4. Remove the halves once more and cover with the sliced cheese and a pinch of oregano on each. Put them back (last time!) until the cheese has melted, and voi-là!

Serve immediately.

Makes 2 very happy people. Great for special meals.


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