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My name is Laís, I am Brazilian, 26 years old, have a Physics degree and I have definitely always preferred the dessert. Even if it’s against lasagna, even if it’s against French fries. On our first Valentines’ Day together, my now recently-so-called-beloved husband gave me, with the best of intentions, I am sure, my first cookie book, and since then I am crazy about all kinks of dessert recipes. But the point is not only eating dessert. You have to be part of it. I want to know how it works, where it grows, why it deflates, how much it makes. And I (almost) prefer serving it to eating it myself.

Recently I packed and moved to Norway, to accompany the mentioned husband, who came for work, and now I have this one more experience to share. It is a small town called Ålesund, which officially speaks Norwegian – but also a good English, uhf! – and is home of very kind inhabitants. Differently from my hometown, here the weather is cold, UTC is +1h, the typical seasoning is my dear cardamom, but the oven!… ah, the oven is still a great company!, and on my free hours I can’t help thinking what’s the next treat to come out of it.

Here I’ll share some treats and adventures in the new home. Welcome!


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