honey corn muffins, Brazilian June Festivities and their origins

This thing of being a colonized country doesn’t even let us say some tradition is (originally) ours! Here I was, sure that my beloved June Festivities post would be Brazilian only when I decided to check, and…! Here are the Scandinavians again (not only them, all the Northern Europe, actually)! Of course our June Festivities don’t stop from being special and even ours – since now they’re filled with our Brazilian ways – because of that!  Continue reading


about drinking in Norway and blueberry coconut wine cake!

Now with our bicycles at hand, we can ride around and enjoy the city’s beauty. And it wasn’t even sunny! The day was grayish and it drizzled, for a change, but yet under a gray sky, it’s still spring, and the city is full of color, including tulips! Soon there will be a post just for them. On the end of the ride and before coming back home we stopped at Dirty Nelly, an Irish Pub with soccer tradition. But ouch!… How expensive it is to drink in Norway!

This is dear husband, with a “130 Norwegian Crowns face” (16 USD), how much it costed his wheat beer.

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first meal in new home was no dessert: it was tuna stuffed bell pepper!

We moved out! Couldn’t skip this phase after getting married, could we? And although it was under the best imaginary conditions: to the apartment NEXT DOOR, it was a REALLY tiring experience! It can sound stupid to move to the apartment next door, but our home now is A LOT bigger. And speaking of homes, let’s talk about what a “home” is here in Ålesund

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About Apple Cake and NOT buying a bicycle in Norway

apple cinnamon cake

After almost two months on foot, we were looking forward to this weekend to finally buy our bicycles! price searches, high expectations, etc, after all they say it’s spring and summer’s just around the corner: prices will probably increase, since the summer rule here is never to stay home – sun is not something you can see every day of the year (literally!).  Continue reading


Syttende mai and Pavlova

Nothing better than the most expected day by everybody around here (that’s statistics saying!) for the debut of the page: syttende mai!

Syttende mai
, or May 17th, is Constitution Day in Norway, national holiday and flag day!, that’s why all houses have from little flags on the windows to big ones on their balconies. It is the top, above even Christmas, on the list of most celebrated holidays by the Norwegians. Continue reading