Slinningsbålet bonfire and peanut butter cookies

And so I thought I would not have a bonfire this June, but what? I was here living one of the highest St John’s bonfires in the world (the record was established in 2010, at 40,45m high), the Slinningsbålet!
biggest bonfire in the world Ålesund Slinningsbålet

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honey corn muffins, Brazilian June Festivities and their origins

This thing of being a colonized country doesn’t even let us say some tradition is (originally) ours! Here I was, sure that my beloved June Festivities post would be Brazilian only when I decided to check, and…! Here are the Scandinavians again (not only them, all the Northern Europe, actually)! Of course our June Festivities don’t stop from being special and even ours – since now they’re filled with our Brazilian ways – because of that!  Continue reading