Our first Liebster Award!

We are gladly here today coming up with this celebratory post because we were nominated for our very first (blog) Award!


The Liebster Award is an online award only, and is here to make new small blogs bigger by crossing its audience with other blogs’. It is also very practical, because one is awarded only by being simply nominated to it! You are nominated to the Liebster if a blog who has also been nominated thinks you are a good blog to follow and should have your word spread all over.

Since it’s online, you can imagine its rules have changed through time, but they remain basically these:

If you receive a Liebster Award (and choose to accept it – which is only going to make your blog some good) you should:
1. Make a celebratory post (such as this you are reading) with the Liebster bagde and these rules on it
2. On this post thank and link the lovely blog who nominated you and recommend it because you probably think they are worth it! (why would you ever not do that?!). Also follow the blog (but you probably already do)
3. Answer the questions your nominator listed on your nomination post
4. Choose 5 or 11 or 20 other new blogs (up to ~300 followers) to nominate for the Liebster and let them know about it by commenting one of their posts
5. Propose them a list of 11 questions they should answer on their response celebratory post

Also, why not checking out the other nominated blogs? you you probably like them too! It’s a nice way to keep discovering new blogs and bloggers who really deserve our attention ❤

The lovely person who nominated the Viking was dear Stephy from Stephysweetbakes which you DEFINITELY should take a look at! Stephy has new posts all the time and they DO mean good time to spend in the kitchen (no, I don’t just follow her because she nominated the Viking).
Thank you Stephy!

cups stephy

check these cocoa & orange cupcakes she has made!

Her questions to me were:

1.  If you were given one moment you were told you could change in your past, would you?
I don’t think so… what about butterfly effect and stuff?? I guess I like the way things are, now 🙂

2.  If you could give one piece of advice to other bloggers just starting, what would it be?
Be part of the game if someone awards you!

3.  What is the reason/purpose behind your blog?
Moving to very far from home can make you want not to lose touch with the ones you love, and a blog is a form of making it at once!

4.  Name one person that has inspired you in your life?
only one? Mrs Mom, of course

5.  What is your favorite flavor/spice, etc to use in the kitchen?
nutmeg! definitely!

6.  What’s your favorite tool/gadget to use in the kitchen?
measuring spoons and everything that makes of this art of baking actually a science!

7.  What is your absolute favorite thing to make in the kitchen?
(the hardest one, Stephy!) maybe studying all cupboards and fridge contents and deciding what to bake next (deciding is the hardest step!)

8.  Do you enjoy cooking/baking for your self or others while entertaining? Why?
I really enjoy baking for others, as a form of sharing love and care

9.  Tell us, the readers, what do you believe is your best post thus far?  (link it)
Probably the one about Slinningsbålet bonfire and peanut butter cookies dipped in chocolate! There are lots of wonderful pictures and videos!

10.  Would you say you are an organized cook or clean everything afterwards?
I guess I learned how to be an organized cook after some disastrous conditions I have put mom’s kitchen at! …and it feels a lot better now!

Now dear nominees, you are my chosen ones:

Natasha @ Redemunhando (in Portuguese)
Maria Luiza @ vivendo sem lixo (in Portuguese)
André e Camila @ Blog de casal (in Portuguese)
Leticia @ go2cakes
Serena @ Foodfulife
Mel @ Meals with Mel
Redbird @ Redbird Recipes
Sarah @ Sarah ‘n Spice
Andrea @ Olive & Pastel
Raphaelle @ FAIT MAISON
Christine @ Mid-Life Croissant

and here are the questions I ask the nominees:
1. If you could give one piece of advice to other new bloggers, what would it be?
2. Why does having a blog make a difference for you?
3. What kind of blogs do you visit the most?
4. Which do you believe is your best post so far?
5. Should you own birthday cake be store bought or made by yourself?
6. If you could recommend one single book right now, what would it be?
7. If you could write a book, what would its title be?
8. How much of the food you eat is NOT store-bought?
9. Do you ever try to be less harmful to the environment?
10. Does food you have with someone you love taste better than food you love had alone?
11. If you could prepare one single dish for your loved one, what would it be?

Thank you guys for the award and care! I hope you all enjoy and be as glad as I am on taking part on it and nominating you!
100_3691 (2)

See you soon!


10 thoughts on “Our first Liebster Award!

  1. Incredibly flattering. Thank you! Checking out all those blogs after I feed my hungry children (it’s dinner time here. xo)


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